Thursday, December 10, 2009


  1. these are all so amzing i love the bridge especially, you are a great artist

  2. I agree! Your blog works well to tell a story using all of your images. I especially like the achetictural work that morphs into organic shapes and then is either pulled apart or supported by misplaced stakes. One of the stakes reminded me of a nun on first glance. deb eide


About Me

All of my works are self-portraits. My creative process reflects how I live my life, and the product mirrors the accumulation of my cultures, history, thoughts, emotions, and everyday life experiences. Making art is a way for me to learn about life and to understand the world I live in. I use my intuition to guide me through the creative process to enter into unknown and unexpected territory. I take pleasure in the surprises that arise from this process in which the learning takes place. Honesty is at the center of my art practice. From the place of truthfulness, I hope to create works that go beyond the visual aspects of art.